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Seeds from the Index Seminum are not for sale, but are available on an exchange basis exclusively for scientific, educational and nature conservation purposes. The orders will be dispatched according to the availability of seeds.

Please read the terms and conditions below before placing an order.

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Terms and conditions

In response to the International Convention on Biological Diversity, the seeds are supplied to other botanical gardens and research institutions on the following conditions:
1) The seeds will be used for the common good in the areas of research, education, conservation and the development of botanical gardens;
2) Information on the material will be appropriately stored and the connection between the information and the material will be maintained;
3) If scientific publications are produced on the plant material provided, the origin of the material must be cited. In addition, the garden would expect to receive a copy of these publications.
4) Permission must be sought from the garden if the recipient seeks to commercialise either the genetic material, its products or research derived from it. Such commercialisation will be subject to the conditions of a separate agreement with the country of origin.

By ordering seed or other plant material, the recipient accepts and pledges to respect the above conditions.

Stavanger Botanic Garden, Norway (SVG), 2024. E-mail: sbh@stavanger.kommune.no

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The index seminum is composed of two parts:
  • Spontaneous plants - Seeds collected in the wild from locations in Norway. See records for collection details.
  • Garden collected - Seeds collected in the garden. Indicated provenance is for seeds. All seeds are the result of open pollination. Where known, the origin of the mother plant is given.
  • Classification is based on APG IV.
  • Scientific names of indigenous species follow Elven, Bjorå, Fremstad, Hegre & Solstad. Norsk flora, 8 ed., Oslo: Samlaget, 2022.
  • Scientific names of non-indigenous species follow World flora Online and Plants of the World Online.

Geographical position of the garden: 58°56′21′′ N, 5°42′9′′ E. Altitude: 45-80 m a.s.l. Average rainfall is 1400 mm. Min./Max. temperatures are -4,5°C / +29°C, and average coldest/warmest temperatures are 1°C / 15°C.